Python: Getting umask without change

Hi, I recently found myself in the need of getting the umask of a process. After a few searches there seems to be no other way of getting the desired umask then using the umask() system call located within the python os module. The following code seems to be the universally accepted solution to this particular problem:

def getUMask():
    current_umask = os.umask(0)

    return current_umask 

So the solution is to make a first call to umask() and get a hold of the current umask (Line 2). The argument you pass to the umask() call during the first invocation doesn’t matter since you are going to change it back to its original value. After that you make a second call to umask() (Line 3) with the umask you acquired during the first call (Line 2). So this is the point where you change the umask back to its original value. The call to umask is not atomic though, so you have to take this fact into account if you are using multiple threads, this could lead to race conditions.

Even though this is certainly not the holy grail of programming I thought I share this piece of code anyway…

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